Are thin film solar panels good?

Thin Film Solar PanelsAlso referred to as TFSC or TFPV these solar panels are, as the name would suggest, thin layers of PV (photovoltaic) cells sandwiched between synthetic plastic coverings.

The sheet is almost like a carpet and flexible, which makes them very adaptable to many different surfaces – useful where a roof may not be able to take the weight of regular solar panels, which can weigh up to 20kg each, because when you total the weight of normal panels, plus to roof mountings a 4.0 kWp system could be about 400kg or more.

In terms of performance, thin film solar panels are stated to be better than average efficiency with improved outputs during adverse weather.

Some versions of this panel have an adhesive side, which allows them to be “stuck on”, making thin film solar panels one of the only systems that can be fitted to ‘asbestolux’ roofing.

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Thin Film Solar Panels