Orangery Conservatory Styling

The next “step up” from a conservatory is an Orangery. A much more substantial home extension, but giving all the benefits of added value and extra living space.

You may also find an Orangery less costly to build than a regular home extension.

Orangery Conservatory ExtensionsHaving said that, the budget range for Orangeries is a decent amount higher than for conservatories. Given that they have more complex designs and typically use more material & labour the higher price should be expected.

The choice of the primary frame material can have a big influence on prices. Using softwoods for the window and door frames can be initially cost effective. However, longer term there could be more maintenance costs to bear in order to keep the timber in good condition.

Aluminium or uPVC for the frames are very popular, with aluminium being the costlier of the 2.

Orangery conservatory Styling

Quite easily recognisable in general (due to the flat roof with raised glass lanterns and extensive use of solid pillars), there are some design features that can make your orangery just that bit different.

How about giving your orangery an Edwardian or Victorian  style?  there are some ideas that you can look at here, including 7 things to Check Before Getting Conservatory Cost Quotes.

However, if you are not one to “live in the past” and prefer a more modern approach, the latest contemporary orangeries have stunning features whilst still retaining that sense of style & class that only an orangery can bring.

It’s going to be worth while to do some careful pre-planning at outset. Give yourself time to consider not only the main budget for the construction, but also for landscaping and interior fixtures & fittings.

A starting budget for an average sized conservatory could well be around £20,000 rising to over £30,000 fully fitted. With prices like these you will benefit from shopping around for prices. Getting free comparison quotes from could help to  with this.


Modern Orangery Conservatory Extensions