How to Win Against the Pressure Double Glazing Salesperson

Ok you have made the decision to invest in new windows doors or a conservatory. How do you keep your sanity when sales driven salespeople invade your home?

Have you ever been pushed in to a decision for any product you later regretted purchasing? I know I have, when i was younger i was literally bamboozled in to buying a timeshare, with reflection it was a very bad financial decision for me.

Double Glazed Doors & WindowsSo how do you as a customer retain control in your own home and avoid “The Double Glazing Pressure Sales tactics”. Who better qualified than a double glazing salesman to give you the tips and strategies of not becoming another victim of pressure selling.

Fellow double glazing salespeople will not thank me for divulging these secrets to you but i have found my own secrets to getting sales in my 28 years’ experience in direct sales in the double glazing industry and it does not involve pressure sales.

In fact, pressure sales have cost me a lot of money over the last 28 years, I have forgot the number of times I have not been able to quote for a job because they or someone they knew had experienced a torrid time and virtually been a prisoner in their own home.

They wanted to invest in new windows but fear was preventing them from taking the steps necessary to make their dream become a reality. Without pressure sales people I would have earned a lot more money, so I am willing to spill the beans!!

Double glazing pressure sales

Who you might ask gains the most from pressure sales? Contrary to what you have been lead to believe it’s certainly not the sales person. The main beneficiary of pressure selling is the company who the sales person represents.

The reason pressure selling is prevalent in double glazing is quite simply because there are some companies particularly large national companies, or regional ones that are offering a over hyped identical or similar product to smaller companies at a inflated price.

A salesperson who is representing one of these companies knows that if he does not close the deal on the night, then their chances of being called back afterwards are very remote once the customer becomes more informed and realises the product can be purchased for far less and with usually better customer care.

So my first tip to avoid pressure sales tactics is to steer clear of “The Nationals” and use a smaller more local business, who as usually grown through being more competitive and through offering good after care and who has not had to resort to pressure sales.

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My second tip to keep control is to clearly state you are getting several quotes and you will decide when you are ready to make your decision, if not acceptable show the salesperson the door, remember it’s your home you make the house rules.

My third tip if you feel pressured is to say you are either going to invest in new windows or you may be moving. It’s very hard to get someone who isn’t sure where they will be living to make a decision, that objection is a salespersons worst nightmare but will leave you totally in control.

My fourth tip is to not fall for the time sensitive close or the I will ring my manager, remember until you invited that salesperson in to your home he had no chance of a sale. Any price or offer will be available in the future if they see profit in the deal they will still accept later, when you are ready to proceed.

My final tip is, do not fall for the so much a day, week or other easy pay method invariably the interest rate or the price will usually be inflated it is far easier and cheaper to arrange your own finance.

My final point is, do not be intimidated make your decision in your own time a competitive local business will be pleased you gave him the chance to quote and he knows he has not overpriced or hyped and he realises that good customer service and competitive prices will get him business without the need for pressure.


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