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Ostrich Feather Bridal Shrugs

Our ostrich feather bridal shrug is creating a lot of attention from brides this season.  This super glam accessory is a perfect statement piece for a vintage glamour wedding and is my personal favourite of all my Wrapor designs.

Ostrich feather bridal shrug - Wrapor

The Goddess, a super glam, show stopping statement piece. Images courtesy of McAvoy Photography.

We are pleased to announce that we have sourced the hand made boas used in these design in a wide range of different colours, these are available to be made up into a unique Wrapor, to order for £200, our Ivory one is still £170

I was so excited when this  pale silver boa that arrived this morning, its so beautiful….

Silver ostrich feather boa, used for our unique shrugs & boleros

Luxurious hand made silver ostrich feather boa.

These are luxurious quality, so soft & floaty. The boas are hand stitched with care onto our unique designs.

‘The Goddess’ can be worn on the edge of your shoulder, like the photo at the top….

Ostrich feather bridal shrug - Wrapor

Super glam ostrich feather bridal shrug.

Can also be worn off the shoulders….. or on for some photos and off for others…

ostrich feather shrug - boudoir

Ostrich feather Wrapor worn off the shoulders, perfect for a boudoir shoot.

The ostrich feather shrug would be a perfect glam accessory for your boudoir shoot before your wedding, it would be a lovely way to tie it in with your wedding theme.

This design has proved to be the perfect accessory in a number of photo-shoots, see our photo-shoots on the blog for more images.

Ostrich feather Wedding Wrap

Ostrich feather shrug – Image by Fo Photography

Here is a shade card of the different colours available to order, price £200. Contact for more info:

Ostrich feather boas, for Wrapor shrugs

These are the colours of feather available to order

Ostrich feather boas colours for Wrapor shrugs

These colours can be made up into a luxurious ostrich feather Wrapor shrug.






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